Keisha’s Story

Keisha“After interest, I currently have about $80,000 in private student loans and another $20,000 in federal loans. That’s just for my loans, my husband has another $20,000. Maybe I’m an idiot for taking out so much in loans especially as a California resident upon graduating high school. No one told me CA residents could attend state schools for cheap to free completely. So I went to a private school in Virginia in 2005 because I knew I learned better with more one on one attention from professors and because the school specialized in what I wanted to do. Neither of my parents went to college so they weren’t sure how to advise me, but my mom had gotten into real estate and in 2004 when I was getting ready to look at colleges, real estate was hot and she was sure she could help put me through college with no problem. That was, of course, before the market crashed completely just as I was midway to finishing my degree. I thought things might look up, so I finished what I had started and graduated in 2009 into a job market that simply wasn’t interested in hiring liberal arts graduated with no significant work experience. With minimum payments, almost half of my husband’s and my income goes to loans every month. We share one car which is my car that I’ve had since I turned 16 and was able to start driving. It’s falling apart and we can’t even afford to take it to the mechanic let alone buy a new car. We live with my in laws because we can’t afford it own pace. I’m scared to death of getting pregnant. There is no way we could adequately provide for a child right now. This will be three years married this year with starting out own family as not as option. I went to school to avoid poverty, but here we are worse off than many of our peers who didn’t go to college. When student loans are factored in, my husband and I are only $4,000 per year above the lowest national poverty line.” – Keisha

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